Getting Started

To get started on our platform, you will. be required to create an account and link it to an NFT wallet application like MetaMask.
MintCarbon NFT wallet options

Prepare to Mint

Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to upload the specific details of your tradeable carbon credit assets, along with a copy of your logo, to create your unique NFT.

Mint Your Credits

Once you've submitted your details, our platform will mint your carbon credits on the public ledger.

Depending on the network capacity, this transaction can take up to a few minutes. Once this process is complete, your contact will be viewable on tools such as Etherscan.

Etherscan contract screenshot

View & List on OpenSea

You'll be able to view your Carbon Credit NFT on OpenSea. You'll be able to list it for sale or auction with other digital assets.

Track Your Assets

You'll be able to track your NFTs, their current value, and other aspects of the carbon credit market in your Dashboard.

Investing in Our Planet's Future

Buying, trading, and selling your Carbon Credits as NFTs helps the illiquid carbon credit trading market become more liquid, enabling companies, organizations, and individuals the ability to access credits efficiently.


The charts below show some of the current market conditions for both the voluntary and mandatory carbon offset markets around the globe.
The European Union ETS is a futures contract for the purposes of trading and delivering EUAs. OneEUA allows its holder to emit one tonne CO2 or C02 equivalent greenhouse gas, which can be traded on carbon credit markets
The California Cap and Trade Program trades C02 emissions allowances for the state of California. One credit equals one metric ton CO2 equivalent, which were created under Assembly Bill 32 - "The Global Warming Solutions Act Of 2006".
The Global Emissions Offset (GEO) provides delivery of physical offset credits and validated instruments in the voluntary emissions markets that have been through strict verification. It allows global airlines efficient access to purchase carbon offsets, which are verified as reliable sources for reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas releases from their operations around the world."
The nature-based voluntary carbon market varies and a conservative value can be found in the GEO Price.